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What is a Prescription Assistance Network and How Does it Work?

Following the fact that many people are under a certain drug prescription, they get overwhelmed with their daily expenses as well as dosage to a point where they have to choose. This has affected a lot especially the insured and the indigent in our society. The situation emanates from the increased cost of living which tends to place more utilities and needs for one to meet appropriately. Consequently, Prescription Assistance Network which is also known as PAN foresaw and understood the burdening need of these impoverished people. That is why this nonprofit spotlight was initiated with a purpose and designs of helping people meet their daily prescriptions.

PAN relies on advocacy, education and the harmonization of services in order to deliver to its members accordingly. These services are directed to patients in need of drugs that are prescribed to them. Following a conversation between Austin Bailey Health Foundation and Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton in 18th November 2002, PAN was initiated. The Foundation has been progressive all through from one level to another which enabled it to serve thousands of people.

For PAN to fully operate, numerous funding is vital to enhance its daily prescription aids. Therefore, they do acquire donations from other charitable organizations as well as other individuals. When one makes up their mind to donate, the donations should be sent to Prescription Assistance Network of Stark County, Community Campus at Goodwill, 408 Ninth St. SW, Canton, OH 44707

Prescription Assistance Network is a legally established pharmacy in the county of Stark. The managing personnel is well licensed in the field of pharmacist too. The daily operation of the Network is availing drug prescription to the residents of Stark County. The cost of the drug prescriptions availed by the initiation go for a lesser cost compared to the other pharmacies. There are multiple times when the dosages are availed to the needy at no cost at all which makes the initiation imperative in the society.

For the network to operate desirably there is collaboration. The collaboration is normally between the network and other bodies that share the same convictions about availing pharmaceutical aids to the populace. In the collaborations, there are clinic, agencies, hospitals, volunteering personnel and pharmacists and other nonprofit spotlight. The people who are poor and vulnerable in Stark have hope of getting their daily dosages. As a result, there is peace within and without which makes their healing process quick.
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